Debriefing #34 ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Vol 2 Disk 3


Batman: The Animated Series Volume 2 Disk 3

Directors: Dick Sebast, Bruce Timm, Boyd Kirkland, Eric Radomski, Frank Paur

Writers: Len Wein, Steve Perry, Mark Saraceni, Paul Dini, Marty Isenberg, Robert N. Skir, Michael Reeves

Note: The following discussion concerns the Animated Series episodes Moon of the Wolf, Day of the Samurai, Terror in the Sky, Almost Got’im, Birds of a Feather, What is Reality?, I am the Night

James: This batch of episodes at first seem rather eclectic: we go from a werewolf story, to a samurai/ninja story in just the first two episodes. It certainly demonstrates the diversity of the show. However, the more I watched this batch, the more I think that what tied this batch of episodes together is that they build off past events from previous episodes. My question to you Edgar is did you like getting followup to previous episodes from TAS, or were you yearning for more episodes that start us off from scratch? Continue reading


Debriefing #33: Legends of the Dark Knight: Shaman


Legends of the Dark Knight: Shaman

Writer: Dennis O’Neil

Pencils: Ed Hannigan

Ink: John Beatty and Dick Giordano

This discussion concerns Legends of the Dark Knight (published November 1989) issues 1-5

Edgar: The origin of Batman, a story any fan of the Caped Crusader can recite by heart without any fact checking whatsoever by now. What made Bruce Wayne don the cape and cowl is the stuff of comic book and graphic novel legend. Despite everyone’s familiarity with the material, it always seems as though new writers come along with ideas about how to add more layers, depth, and twists to what Bruce Wayne went through after that fateful night in Crime Alley. Here we are with Legends of the Dark Knight: Shaman, a curious tale about, what else, how Wayne started his career as a masked vigilante. Of course, there is a twist, what with Native American folklore thrown into the mix this time around. James, what were your initial thoughts when turning the early pages of this book and discovered we’d be getting yet another variation of the birth of Batman and did it satisfy? Continue reading

Debriefing #32: ‘Batman: Detective Comics Vol 2: Scare Tactics’


Batman: Detective Comics Vol 2: Scare Tactics

Writer: Tony S. Daniel, James Tynion IV

Artist: Tony S. Daniel, Ed Benes

Note: This is a discussion of Detective Comics (2012-) issues 8-12, 0 & Annual #1

Edgar: And so we arrive at volume two of DC’s New 52 Batman Detective Comics series. A streak of new mysteries to unravel, some more cumbersome than others. Reading this second package a thought sprang to mind. I get the feeling that this Detective Comics series is in a constant tug of war between establishing a sense of continuity in the Batman comic world and establishing new ground with smaller, more isolated cases for the Dark Knight to solve. Some characters we’ve seen before as well as stories we’ve read about are alluded to or make important returns. James, do you prefer it when Detective Comics is doing its own thing and has Batman investigate new, strange occurrences or do you prefer having things tie in with the great comics universe, such as when the Owls show up? Continue reading

Debriefing #31: ‘Batman: Detective Comics Vol 1: Faces of Death’


Batman: Detective Comics Vol 1: Faces of Death

Writer: Tony S. Daniel

Artists: Tony S. Daniel, Ryan Winn

James: So far we’ve dabbled a bit into the Detective Comics line, we did go back and see where it all began as well as checking out The Black Mirror. Reading this book, I think it’s fair to say that this is a different tone and texture to the Batman story than what we’ve seen so far in a lot of the main Batman storylines. My question to you is did you appreciate the different atmosphere and texture of this story or did it drift too far away from the familiarity of the Batman stories we love the most? Continue reading

Debriefing #28: ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Vol 2 Disk 1


Batman: The Animated Series Vol 2 Disk 1

Creators: Eric Radomski and Bruce Timm

Directors: Kevin Altieri, Frank Paur, Boyd Kirkland, Bruce Timm, Dick Sebast,

Writers: Beth Bomstein, Elliot S. Maggin, Laren Bright, Michael Reaves, Steve Perry, Paul Dini, Randy Rogel

Note: This discussion covers the episodes Eternal Youth, Perchance to Dream, The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy, Robin’s Reckoning Part 1, Robin’s Reckoning Part 2, The Laughing Fish and Night of the Ninja.

James: After working our way through the first volume of The Animated Series, we’ve gotten the setup for a lot of the characters (with an exception we’ll talk about this time around). As we move into this second volume, we’re getting a lot of repeat customers, especially in the rogue’s gallery. The show is still giving itself some space to explore new characters, but for the most part we’ve got the groundwork set. My question for you is do you think these latest episodes do a good job developing these characters or were you left hoping for more?

Edgar: I’m glad you chose to start the discussion with the topic of developing the characters we’ve already come to know a little bit through the first volume of episodes. The reason being that I was particularly intrigued and in some cases satisfied with where this small collection of episodes took Bruce, Batman, Robin and even one of the villains, Poison Ivy. I don’t know if this was a conscious decision on the part of the writers to string together a series of episodes where viewers got to understand some of the deeper inner workings of these people but in any event it made for a really interesting run of adventures. I very much liked what they did with Poison Ivy in ‘Eternal Youth’, painting her as an even more twisted version of Batman himself. I appreciate it when the writers have the courage to go that deep with the characters. They did it a number of times in the first volume and continue to do so thus far in volume 2. James, were there any particular highs or lows in that regard?

Continue reading

Debriefing #15: Batman: The Animated Series’ Vol 1 disk 2

Batman: The Animated Series Volume 1 Disk 2
Creators: Eric Radomski and Bruce Timm
Directors: Boyd Kirkland, Frank Paur, Kevin Altieri, Bruce Timm
Writers: Jules Dennis, Richard Mueller, Sean Catherine Derek,Ted Pedersen, Steve Hayes, Alan Burnett, Randy Rogel, Tom Ruegger, Garin Wolf, Sam Graham, Chris Hubbell, Paul Dini

Note: This is a discussion of the episodes The Forgotten, Be a Clown, Two-Face Part 1 & 2, (It’s Never Too Late, I’ve got Batman in My Basement) and Heart of Ice Continue reading

Debriefing #13: ‘Aftermath’ and ‘Prodigal’

KnightsEnd: Aftermath and Prodigal
Writers: Chuck Dixon, Alan Grant, Doug Moench, Jo Duffy
Artists: Mike Vosburg, Tom Grummett, Jim Balent, Phil Jimenez, John Cleary, Mike Gustovich, Ron Wagner, Bret Blevins, Lee Weeks, Graham Nolan
Colorist: Adrienne Roy, Buzz Setzer

Note: This is a discussion of the 2012 release of Knightfall Vol. 3, discussing the second half of the volume which constitutes the KnightsEnd: Aftermath and Prodigal story arcs.

After bringing Jean-Paul’s crusade to an end, Bruce Wayne decides to leave Gotham City once more. This time he leaves the mantle of Batman to Dick Grayson. While Dick deals with the aftermath of Jean-Paul’s crusade as well as the effects of Bane’s reign of terror, Tim Drake finds himself dealing with the troubles of balancing his personal life and the role of Robin. Continue reading