A site for all things Batman. Batman comics, Batman movies, Batman TV shows, Batman attire. Okay, so we probably aren’t going to review Batman themed pajamas, but if there’s a good (or maybe not so good) Batman story to be found that we can get our hands on, we’ll check it.

Our content will take the form of a discussion (or rather debriefs) on each Batman artifact we decide to cover and we plan to release a new debrief every single Wednesday (it being comic book day and Batman being a comic book character). The introduction post will be a good place to catch up on Batman past, but for a little bit more general information about who we are, read on:

James Blake Ewing:

I’m currently a graduate student studying film, and I also run a movie blog called Cinema Sights in your spare time. You can follow me on twitter @cinemasights if you want to read my esoteric take on film. When I’m not in school or working on a blog, I’m usually rocking out to some Prog Rock while playing video games.

Edgar Chaput:

I’m a resident of Montréal, Canada, where I completed a bachelor’s degree in political science and geography at McGill. My principal hobby is film, which has prompted me to write about the subject both  at a personal blog since 2008 called Between the Seats and as one of the many contributors at a great web site called Sound on Sight since December 2011. Feel at ease in contacting me either at edgar.chaput@yahoo.ca or on Twitter @betweentheseats.


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