Debriefing #24: ‘Batman’ (1989)


Batman (1989)
Director: Tim Burton
Screenwriters: Sam Hamm and Warren Skaaren
Cast: Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Kim Basinger, Michael Gough, Billy Dee Williams

Edgar: If only I could have been my age in the summer of 1989. I was only 6 and therefore my memory of the Batman craze that took over is a little hazy. In fact, I don’t believe I saw Batman in cinemas but rather on home video some time later. Today, Tim Burton is seen as something of a hack, an uninspired choice for movies that could do well by hiring directors with fresher takes on the stories. 1989 pretty much put Burton on the map. His 1989 Batman is celebrated by many, fondly remembered by most and was for all intents and purposes one of the most important comic book to movie adaptations ever. James, I’m obviously curious to know what your general opinion of the film is but I’m almost more interested to know if you think ‘Batman’, to you, is mostly a Batman movie, a Tim Burton movie or a solid combination of both? Continue reading


Debriefing #23: ‘The Black Mirror’


Batman: The Black Mirror
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artists: Jock, Francesco Francavilla

As Bruce Wayne recovers from the events of Grant Morrison’s Batman arc, Dick Grayson takes on the persona of The Batman. When low-level crime manifests technology from Batman’s greatest foes, Grayson begins to investigate a selective black market that frequents in the most dangerous weapons from Batman’s foes. Continue reading

Debriefing #22: ‘The City of Owls’


Batman: The City of Owls
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Greg Capullo

After narrowly escaping the judgment of the Court of Owls, Batman now faces the full force of the organization as they attempt to forcibly take over the city. Even in his own home, Bruce is not free from the talons of the Court of Owls. As Batman battles the court in his own home, the Court targets people of influence and power around the city. Batman is also force to confront his past and face down a foe with a personal vendetta. Continue reading

Debriefing #21: ‘The Court of Owls’


Batman: The Court of Owls (2012)
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Greg Capullo

After Bruce Wayne announces a new plan to revitalize Gotham City, a mysterious assassin attempts to take his life. When Batman begins investigating this assassin, he’s forced to face one of Gotham’s deepest legends: The Court of Owls. Legend has this secret organization has worked throughout Gotham’s history but Batman remains skeptical that anything that big could remain hidden in his city. Continue reading