Debriefing #18: ‘Gotham Central: Jokers and Madmen’


Gotham Central: Jokers and Madmen
Writers:  Ed Brubaker, Greg Rucka
Artists: Brian Hurtt, Greg Scott, Michael Lark
Colourists: Lee Loughridge

Note: This is a discussion of the 2011 paperback of Gotham Central Book Two: Jokers and Madmen which includes issues 11-22 of Gotham Central

Once again experiencing the crusade against crime from Gotham’s foot soldiers, the men and women of the GCPD, the second volume ratchets up the crimes. A sniping spree, an old case brought back to life and the appearance of one of GCPD’s most infamous officers makes the year even more stressful yearfor GCPD as it undergoes a drastic shift in personnel. Continue reading