Debriefing #17: ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Vol 1 Disk 3

Batman: The Animated Series Volume 1 Disk 3
Creators: Eric Radomski and Bruce Timm
Directors: Kevin Altieri, Dick Sebast, Dan Riba, Boyd Kirkland and Frank Paur.
Writers: Sean Catherine Derek, Laren Bright, Richard Mueller, Jules Dennis, Martin Pasko, Dennis O’Flaherty, Tom Ruegger, Garin Wolf, Dennis Marks, Bill Finger, Marv Wolfman, Michael Reaves

Note: This discussion covers the episodes The Cat and the Claw Part 1 & 2, See No Evil, Beware of the Gray Ghost, Prophecy of Doom and Feet of Clay Part 1 & 2. Continue reading


Debriefing #16: ‘Gotham Central: In the Line of Duty’

Gotham Central: In the Line of Duty
Writers: Greg Rucka, Ed Brubaker
Artists: Michael Lark
Colourists: Noelle Giddings, Matt Hollingsworth, Lee Loughridge

Note: This is a discussion of the 2011 paperback of Gotham Central Book One: In the Line of Duty which includes issues 1-10 of Gotham Central

While Batman may be Gotham’s most famous crime fighter, the city of Gotham features more than a few hard-working detectives who abide within the bounds of the law to fight crime. Gotham Central follows the lives and the cases of everyday officers. They may not have bat-shark repellent or multi-million dollar equipment, but that won’t stop them from going up against the nastiest of what Gotham has to offer. Continue reading